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The Blur: Lois, thank you for coming.
Lois: Well, when The Blur leaves a handwritten message, you better believe I’m there. Chalk it up to the curiosity of a recently unemployed reporter… but since we’ve been doing this cell to cell, why are we back to doing this old-school?
The Blur: I wanted to have this conversation in a place that meant something to both of us.
Lois: Wow. Sounds awfully official. But, hey you’re the boss. So, what’s my next impossible mission?
The Blur: There won’t be one, Lois. I’m sorry. This is our last conversation.
Lois: Last conversation today or for a while? If you have to go back on another hiatus, I understand. I’ll be there.  
The Blur: As in, our last talk… Forever.
Lois: No.
The Blur: Our relationship put you at risk. I know that we would do anything to protect each other. What if, one day, I’m too late?
Lois: But you don’t understand. I don’t care about the risk. When I’m working with you, I’m doing something good, something right.
The Blur: You don’t need me for that.
Lois: But I do need you, and maybe I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but this the most important part of my life.
The Blur: Well, there must be some other part that means more to you.
Lois: When I’m with you, it’s about more than what I want, who I want. It is something that is bigger than me.
The Blur: I wish things could be different, Lois. This is the only way I can protect you. I won’t call again. If anyone calls claiming to — to be me, don’t believe them. No matter what they say or what happens, you can’t trust them.
Lois: No, please.
The Blur: I will be watching over you. I promise. Goodbye, Lois.
Lois: Goodbye.

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