The Crush: Nicholas Hoult


Aside from being a really fun guy, we are even smitten by Nick’s endearingly uncool dress sense when his stylist — or Tom Ford — isn’t around. Any man who still looks handsome in scruffy skater shoes, baggy T-shirts and a backpack is the man for Crush.

Speechless, Viper and Stormy, did you guys said you’ll volunteer to take Nick shopping?  Burn all his jumpers & old t-shirts and update his closet?

I was like..that’s it? What a short short abrupt article..haha.  Gimme more damn it.  Hopefully in November when I visit London, I will be able to bump into him and coax him to go shopping.  lol

kidding I will be stunned if this happens





A few hours ago, I had a mishap, my account was accidentally deleted. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how it happened nor how will I get everything back. Well there’s nothing to gain by crying over spilled milk, right? Besides the only thing precious to me is my tumblr friends whom I can’t…

OMG! You are back! I almost send out amber alert! Did you see everyone comments on my panic post? I freak everyone out, lol!

Aaand of course I have to wait two miserable freaking weeks to fan mail you loool or drop a comment on the posts..le sigh.

Evil twin!! So glad it was just a mistake, I thought it had all gotten too much and you had peaced out haha. Can’t wait till you can fanmail again; we have much to discuss. 

Lmao, we are the harbinger of dark clouds.  Hehe, we are the yang in everyone’s yin.